My Uncle Henry had been widowed for about a year. During the time of her illness, Uncle Henry had purchased a laptop to do online grocery shopping, paying bills and communications with the family regarding her downward path.
Once Glenda had passed Uncle Henry became a recluse and continued to conduct his living online, only more seriously. Restless and lonely Uncle Henry occupied his days with reading and the computer. One day he read an article on his computer regarding the Bitcoin platform and decided to test it out.

The beginning

He started of very slowly, only a small portion of his day was occupied with the online gambling phase. As he became lonelier he began to spend more time playing.
He found himself not checking his email as much as he was checking his bank account. Some weeks he would play so much that he would forgo grocery shopping.
The family began to worry about the lack of communication from him and decided they would visit more often. As we visited, Uncle Henry would become more and more agitated that we were using the time he could be spending gambling.

The end

Since he had found himself so deep into a gambling habit. He thought it time to visit a real casino. Finding the commuting and the throngs of people overwhelming, Uncle Henry still loved the thrill of the bet. However, he did resort back to the comfort of his home and computer.
Uncle Henry did lose control and at 83 was placed in a nursing home by the family. His home was sold as with his laptop. Uncle Henry just sits now, thinking about his loss of freedom. As of yet he still doesn’t see what went wrong with his gambling. His anger is still focused on not having his computer.

My Brothers New Life

images (4)Spending some time with my brother, I showed him an article I had written regarding bitcoin casino. Not having ever played, he decided that evening after dinner, he would give it a try and so he did.
Looking over his shoulder, I watched him find a site and he began playing poker. Not a good poker player in real life, I guess he decided that not having to display his lack of gambling with bitcoin, he would be better.
After a couple of hands and losing he decided that he would quit for the night and move on to something else. He checked his e-mail. With the sound of the computer off and the television blaring, I didn’t hear the noises of casino game.

A change of ways

After several attempts at winning, he just kept inevitably losing. With that always in mind, he merely stayed off of the computer. I waited and watched for him to go back on, but not once did he go near it. He just continued to avoid his computer.
After a few weeks I was packing to leave and he asked if I had any articles for him to read. I gave him several on product reviews as well as book reviews.

Guess what I have

After a couple days home, I received a phone call. “Hey” he said, “You won’t believe what I just read.” “The 2 books on your booklist and I bought a new lawn mower from your reviews.” My mind was spinning with why he would have done this. He stated that he was too entranced with the online gambling sites, so he had to continue to stay away from his computer. You influenced me there. I thought you could influence me elsewhere, and so I had.

The Income

align="right">Gina was a grade a student throughout her entire school life. Her days at college were not set to be any different.
Entering her dorm room on that first day she met her roommate, kissed her parents good-bye and began the process of settling in. She and her roommate were chatting along the way about the things that they most hated, the boys they left behind and life in general.

From down the hall they could hear a great deal of excitement and yelling. Deciding to investigate the 2 walked to a room packed with students. The college jocks were all on their laptops playing online gambling. In a state where the legal age was 18 the boys were still packed and the gaming was really occupying their time. Jackpots were hit, slot machines and poker was the main course.

After a month, the guys were behind on their school work and approached Gina about writing for them a paper that would save their college and athletic careers. Gina’s first reaction was no until her roommate began to talk to her regarding the financial side of the proposition. Gina ran down the hall and immediately said yes.
At first it was a matter of 3 boys from her classes and soon it had grown to 11. Not everyone did she have a class with so from the additional reading aspect she charged more.

Gina became very well dressed and when she went home for the holidays her parents immediately took notice. Knowing she hadn’t the allowance with no request for additional funding her parents asked her how she was able to manage this.

Gina explained the gambling environment and her parents pointed out how her grades slipped. She determined herself to continue with better grades and did so,through her entire college career.